Beautiful in His Time

“He has made every thing beautiful in His time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11
When we are knee-deep in the miry clay of worldly suffering, our struggles can feel as if they will never end, but we must remember His timing will rarely be our timing. The timetable of our suffering is not determined by us, but by Him. It should bring us comfort to know every second of our life was approved by Him, and nothing takes Him by surprise.
I disagree with the saying, “He will never place more on us than can we handle.” It’s true, He can handle anything, but we are merely a pile of dust breathed upon by a Holy God and fashioned into flesh and bone. Feeble flesh and bone, at that.   When we try to handle our problems with our own two hands, we quickly realize we aren’t strong enough. We must rely on Him to take our hand and lead us.
Each day we must gather snippets of joy woven among the thorns of life, for then, we will be holding a beautiful bouquet.
Dedicated in memory of my friend Tiffany Josette Pate,
July 30, 1981-January 8, 2019.
Now you are forever young, forever beautiful,
and forever free of cancer!
Thank you for being my friend.

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